"We consider plastic a precious material and it should be used carefully only when it makes sense"



Most of our products are mainly made of 100% mono material: linear low density polyethylene LLDPE resin by rotational molding process. Polyethylene is a 100% recyclable polymer. Consequently, SERRALUNGA products are 100% recyclable and have a long life (over 10 years).

SERRALUNGA uses mainly LLDPE, 100% recyclable and some of our colours are made with recycled materials. As a result our products are reusable unlimited times. The material and its production process makes the products very resistant to extreme temperatures (-35 °C/+ 80°C; -31°F/+176°F), shocks, UV rays and saline climates.

The cycle of transformation

A virtuous circular economy

At the end of their life, our objects can be transformed into plastic powder to give new life to other objects, for “a virtuous circular economy”.

The rotational molding process allows to operate at low temperature and in absence of pressure. Then, a non-forced air cooling completes the production process. Consequently the cycle of transformation is very long, if compared to other moulding technologies, it takes approx. 30 minutes to produce one piece. In this way, the material doesn't undergo thermal shocks due to high temperatures, or physical shocks due to strong cooling and short production cycles. For these reasons a simple polymer such as LLDPE has physical characteristics of high strength, elasticity and durability.

Conscious production

A continuous process

SERRALUNGA uses only raw material transformed in Italy and certificated as per EU legislations. This has a positive impact also on the transport: it allows us to produce lower CO2 emissions.

We recycle our discarded products internally.We have started to use more and more second life LLDPE raw material containing 30% to 70% of regenerated material, without reducing or penalizing the quality and resistance of our objects.

The entire production process is made in SERRALUNGA factory located in Biella (North of Italy). Our production plant is equipped with PHOTOVOLTAIC PANELS that reduce energy consumption to the minimum respecting the environmental Ethics.


No polluting solvents are employed during the production process.


They are obtained with inert and recyclable raw materials


Resistant, Long lasting, Excellent value for money


Products made of polyethylene (LLDPE) by rotomolding bear sudden thermal excursions from -35 °C to +80 °C / -31°F/+176°F.
Robust and shock resistant, U.V.


Easy to handle


Can be cleaned quickly and easily