Serralunga has always created culture and invested in the innovation, becoming on on several occasions, a pioneer in the field.

The first in Europe to develop rotational moulding technology, the first to introduce the design pot and conceive the out-of-scale pot. The first to design the illuminated pot, to exhibit an industrial vase in a museum and the first to develop new lacquered technologies utilizing patterns.

Choosing Serralunga means being able to recognize and appreciate originality.

A family company at heart

The Heritage

Founded in Biella in 1825, Serralunga is the name of the family that has been the creative and entrepreneurial heart of the company for six generations, manufacturing modern outdoor furniture.

The company was started as a tannery and then moved into leather processing for industrial purposes. The real revolution arrived with the processing of plastic and then with the rotational moulding technique imported from the U.S.A., which gave origin to countless Italian design objects, such as outdoor lighting and contemporary furniture, all made in Italy.

Made in Italy

Serralunga perpetuates the excellence that has long been associated with the "Made in Italy" label, while at the same time offering new ways of living that allows us to rest and relax with furnishings that ultimately enriches our lives.

Cultural innovation

With its taste for innovation and craftsmanship, Serralunga is renowned for pushing the bounderies of materials, technologies and aesthetics in order to create groundbreaking products that both inspire and delight.

"Every soul has a place of calm. I imagine spaces in which my objects give a sense of peace and beauty in a natural environment. This is the dream that guides my daily work: a fluid boundary between indoors and outdoors where the outside becomes intimate and the inside bright and sunny, mixing things up to create the unexpected. Emotionally.”

- Marco Serralunga

Color in mass

Our colors are pure and homogeneous. A long-lasting color and finish that won't fade easily.

Defined Edges

Unlike imitations, our edges are accentuated and constant - adding definition to the design.


Clean Fighter, a new compound on Linear Polyethylene, allowing us to largely reduce the problem of surface porosity (over 90%) by facilitating the cleaning of products without any effort.


A rare sense of harmony enables intriguing and often quite dramatic arrangements.

Serralunga's strong sculptural presence helps add character and identity to environments.


The most important designers in the world collaborated with Serralunga designing products of excellence which embody the perfect harmony between functionality, aesthetics and style.