At Serralunga we strive to create innovative products, new ways of living that allows us to rest and relax with furnishings that ultimately enriches our lives. This concept resonates not only at home, but just as much, if not even more, in the hospitality, gastronomy and wellness industries.

Versatility to meet every need

Our Expertise

We have decennia of experience under our belt and know how to make the most complex projects come to reality,

Our experience in innovation of production and the constant testing of boundaries and becoming the best in our field, allows us to offer the flexibility, quality and level of durability needed in these different sectors.

From color variations, to personalisation up to the development of bespoke products - Serralunga is the right partner to realize these projects.

The Italian Way

All our products are Made in Italy, which means: a guarantee of product quality, continuous study and research, the link with history and the territory, sustainability and respect for the environment.

Through Italian design we can help you distinguish yourself from the market while at the same time be assured the highest level of quality, durability supported with a sustainable approach.


With our deep-rooted experience and technical knowledge Serralunga is able to suit your specific needs.

Serralunga is renowned for pushing the boundaries of materials, technologies and aesthetics in order to create groundbreaking products that both inspire and delight.


Bars and Restaurants

Urban Design


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