Sirchester Armchair with Light

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An armchair inspired by the original English armchair known for its padded effect, this version is the illuminated version adding a fun atmosphere in rooms or leisure facilities.
Sirchester, a timeless range that belongs to the history of design has today been reinterpreted using the new philosophy of the Italian company, Serralunga.
Behind the creation of Sirchester luxury furniture there are two Italian designers: Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti.
The initial concept was very clear: that of creating comfortable and functional outdoor sofas. Synergy between design and shape was made possible thanks to the know-how of the Serralunga company that, through rotational technology, created an evocative shape able to retain special features, like the padded effect, of the original English armchair.

Serralunga, together with the designers Mangiarotti and Bazzicalupo, went the extra mile, igniting emotional creativity to create this article of hospitality furniture. With this new collection of armchair and sofa, Serralunga and the designers have succeeded in creating a new, functional product for outdoor use.


Material: Made from LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene)

Colour: Neutral translucent

Production method: Rotational molding

Suitable for outdoor use and all-weather resistant. UV protection, 100% recyclable material, solution dyed. High degree of mechanical strength and resistance to impacts. Resistant to temperatures, minus 35°C plus 80°C.

Light system

RGB Light wireless / IP68-wireless-rechargeable-bluetooth
RGB Light with cable / IP67-wired-led-RGBW-Bulb & remote control
White light with cable / IP67-wired-energy saving bulb

Care Intructions

To remove dust and dirt from the surfaces of the product you will need to periodically clean with a damp cloth soaked in common detergent or soap and rinsed with water.
The products with a lacquered finish are more sensitive to scratches; for this reason use a polish cleaner, gently cleaning with a soft tissue.

Avoid the use of heavy chemicals. Avoid the use of ethanol or any liquid containing, even in small amounts, acetone, trichloroethylene and ammonia (solvents in general).


lenght: 120 cm
width: 82 cm
height: 72 cm
weight: 19.72 kg

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Bazzicalupo & Mangiarotti

Raffaella Mangiarotti, works and lives in Milan. Architect and designer, founded deepdesign with Matteo Bazzicalupo, working on design for several companies, among them, Barilla, Castelli Haworth, Coca Cola, Glaxo, Guzzini, JVC, Kimberley Clarck, Kitchen Aids, Kraft, Mandarina Duck, NEC, RSVP, San Lorenzo, San Pellegrino, Turin Olympiads 2006, Whirlpool Europe. She won design competitions organized by JVC and Matsushita.
She received several prizes, in particular Young & Design (1996, 1997,1999, 2000), Cosmopack (1995, 1996), Esaedro (1997), ID Award (2004), Selezione Compasso d’Oro (2005)
Her projects are published on several magazines and books among them, The international Design Yearbook 2005, L'observatoire International de Première Vision, The International Design Encyclopedia of MOMA, and Design Now! (Tashen).