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The LouLou Coffeetable 50, designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti for Serralunga, radiates a timeless sense of luxury and bold artistry, making it a perfect addition to any setting. Its flawless form and functionality enhance both interior and exterior spaces, and it can be combined with a Carrara or Pietra di Lavagna (slate) top.

Carrara White Marble features a consistent base with bright granules and a white to greyish color, accented with distinct grey veins. Meanwhile, Pietra di Lavagna boasts a captivating gray hue enriched with hints of blue.

Both top options possess their own unique qualities, making them equally stunning and durable. The LouLou Coffeetable 50 can withstand all weather conditions to effortlessly complement any space.




Material: Made from LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene). Hand treatment of the surface giving it a suede touch and look.
Table top by HPL (black core) High Pressure Laminated, resistant to UV rays.

Production method: Rotational molding

Suitable for outdoor use and all-weather resistant.
UV protection, 100% recyclable material, solution dyed. High degree of mechanical strength and resistance to impacts. Resistant to temperatures, minus 35°C plus 80°C.


lenght: 60 cm
width: 60 cm
height: 51 cm
weight: 8,6 kg

lenght: 70 cm
width: 70 cm
height: 41 cm
weight: 8,6 kg

lenght: 70 cm
width: 70 cm
height: 41 cm
weight: 8,6 kg

Istruzioni per la cura

To remove dust and dirt from the surfaces of the product it will be necessary to periodically clean with a damp cloth soaked in common detergent or soap and rinse it with water, while to remove scratches it will be sufficient to use the appropriate abrasive sponge supplied.
Avoid using heavy chemicals. Avoid using ethanol or any liquid containing, even in small quantities, acetone, trichlorethylene and ammonia (solvents in general).

Any imperfections are due to the craftsmanship of the workmanship and are therefore not considered defects but rather characteristics of this special finish.

Informazioni sulla spedizione

I nostri prodotti sono realizzati su richiesta. Il tempo medio di produzione è di 10 giorni lavorativi per i prodotti standard e di 15 giorni lavorativi per i prodotti Moleskin.

Una volta che i prodotti sono pronti, vengono spediti o con scatole standard o su bancale singolo o doppio a seconda delle dimensioni.

Tempi di consegna standard: 4-5 giorni a seconda della località.

Con questo approccio Serralunga segue un approccio sostenibile alla produzione e alla gestione delle scorte.


Raffaella Mangiarotti

Raffaella Mangiarotti, works and lives in Milan.
Graduated cum laude in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, where she continues to work as a researcher, she founded deepdesign with Matteo Bazzicalupo, working in industrial design for several companies, among them, Barilla, Coca Cola, Coin, Coop, Daimler Chrysler, Guzzini, JVC, Kimberley Clarck, Kitchen Aids, Kraft, Imetec, Mandarina Duck, Matsushita, NEC, San Lorenzo, Serralunga, Skitsch, Smeg, Turin Olympiads 2006, and Whirlpool Europe.
She has received several prizes on an international level. Dandelion Lamp is part of the permanent design collection of MoMA in NY.
In December 2009, the Triennale Design Museum of Milano dedicated a solo exhibition and a self entitled book “L’anima sensibile delle cose” to deepdesign, curated by Cristina Morozzi, ed. Electa 2009.

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