Liscio Siena Planter

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The Liscio Siena Planter by Serralunga is the beauty of exact proportions, in contrast with it's natural material surface. Burnt earth and colours in harmony, with the softness of Tuscan terracotta. This describes the appearance of the Liscio Siena plant pots in the Serralunga 1825 garden décor collection. The pot has a wrinkled skin, as if it were handmade: the special processing method gives it an “unfinished"" appearance, while the brushed finish gives the pot an elegant ceramic look. One of the classic models of plant pots par excellence, featuring a slender shape and a simple design. It's size makes it perfect both for potting flowers and plants and for holding cut flowers with long stems. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is suitable for use as a cache-pot.


Material: Made from LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) Production method: Rotational molding Suitable for outdoor use and all-weather resistant. UV protection, 100% recyclable material, solution dyed. High degree of mechanical strength and resistance to impacts. Resistant to temperatures, minus 35°C plus 80°C.


lenght: 27 cm
width: 27 cm
height: 40.5 cm
weight: 0.9 kg

lenght: 40 cm
width: 40 cm
height: 60.5 cm
weight: 2.2 kg

lenght: 67.5 cm
width: 67.5 cm
height: 100 cm
weight: 11 kg

lenght: 52.5 cm
width: 52.5 cm
height: 80 cm
weight: 6 kg

Care Intructions

To remove dust and dirt from the surfaces of the product you will need to periodically clean with a damp cloth soaked in common detergent or soap and rinsed with water. The products with a lacquered finish are more sensitive to scratches; for this reason use a polish cleaner, gently cleaning with a soft tissue. Avoid the use of heavy chemicals. Avoid the use of ethanol or any liquid containing, even in small amounts, acetone, trichloroethylene and ammonia (solvents in general).

Shipping information

Our products are produced on demand. The average production time is 10 business day for standard products and 20 business days for Moleskin products.

Once the products are ready, they are shipped either with standard boxes or on single or double pallet depending on the size.

Standard delivery time: 4-5 days depending on your location.

With this approach Serralunga follows a sustainable approach on production and stock management.



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