Feeling in velvet even outside home with Velvety, the new Serralunga's finish for design furniture.
The sophisticated feeling of velvet and the functional beauty of made in Italy: idea and shape are combined in a new tactile experience that surprises the senses.

The Velvety finishing, such as velvet, gives immediate prestige to what surrounds it; in the time, ideal to suggest the vintage style Serralunga produces design furniture in unique shapes and interpretations, capable of transforming a functional object into a living and vibrant furnishing component, making the Outdoor comfortable and familiar as traditionally only a house is.
The spirit of research and the passion for technology, combined with the production tradition, are the fundamental principles of the brand that through its original collections brings Made in Italy Design to the top. Serralunga, industry trend setter since 1999
Polyamide coating

100% Recyclable
Resistant to UV rays and temperature