Rotational Moulding
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Our innovative technology makes it possible to create "tailor made" objects: resistant to atmospheric agents, in an unlimited number of models, sizes and colors, with the certainty of continuous assistance from experts and reliable deliveries. Rotational molding technology was introduced into the company starting in 1976
Over the years we have made items with very complex and elaborate contours, double-walled, with embedded metal inserts.
Furthermore, there is the possibility of obtaining various types of surface finishes.
The maximum dimensions of the printed articles can reach 3000 LT in volume. Experience in the painting and assembly of printed matter is also important. We regularly use various types of raw materials (linear polyethylene, cross-linked
polyethylene, polypropylene, second life materials) with a constant research for new polymers that can be used with this molding process.

This makes us flexible and able to create ad hoc articles in different sectors with the support from our Research and Development office which designs the molds and takes care of the realization.

Our products are all Made in Italy which means: product quality, continuous study and research, the link with history and the territory, sustainability and respect for the environment.

Production process

1. Polyethylene powder

Rotational moulding is a special technique for the production of plastic objects that mainly uses linear polyethylene powder.

2. Aluminium mould

The material is poured into aluminium moulds that are subsequently placed in an oven.

3. Rotatory motion

Thanks to fusion and the combination of a rotary action caused by mechanical arms with the force of gravity, the plastic is distributed uniformly on the walls.

4. Manual extraction

The mould is then cooled and the solidification process begins. The object is manually extracted from the mould.

5. Varnishing

The surfaces are finished with artisan techniques followed by the painting process which is performed in four further steps.

6. Double wall

Thanks to this process, it is possible to realize the production of complex, highly defined design objects, and to achieve items in a “double wall” structure with an internal hollow in between.

7. End Product

Rotational moulding is an industrial technique that allows the production of few dozen pieces a day and requires a great deal of ability and manual skill on the part of specialized technicians.

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