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ZPZ Partners is a design firm that handles architecture, interior design and research: it focuses on designs for innovative facilities and structures, both in terms of concept and formal qualitites, from the meta-project design to construction management. The main projects, in Italy and abroad (Tokyo, San Francisco, Dubai, Mumbai), range from architecture (schools, hospitals, retail, hotels) to landscape, interior design, product design.
Senior partners are Claudia Zoboli and Michele Zini.
The firm also carries out research developments and teaching (Michele Zini) with the Domus Academy, Milan Politecnico and Reggio Children:
- since 1998 with Milan Polytechnic, Design Department in teaching and research activity,
- from 1995 to 2013 with Domus Academy, in Milan, in teaching, conducting Master’s workshops and collaborating with the Domus Academy Research and Consulting (DARC),
- since 1994 with Reggio Children, Reggio Emilia, on new Learning Environments and relationship between pedagogy and architecture.
- since 2012 with INDIRE, the italian National Institute for Documentation, innovation and Research on Education – Ministry of Education.
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