Cero Stool

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The Cero stool is a informal seat made of polyethylene, characterized by lightness and defined by its open shape. The fascinating combination of shape and function makes it a sculptural element of contemporary furniture, ideal for decorating a contemporary urban environment with style and vitality. Ideal for homedecor and outdoor living, it is easy to move and can also be used as a footrest or as a decorative element.

This version is also available in Moleskin finishing, Registered design.


Material: Made from LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene)

Production method: Rotational molding

Suitable for outdoor use and all-weather resistant. UV protection, 100% recyclable material, solution dyed. High degree of mechanical strength and resistance to impacts. Resistant to temperatures, minus 35°C plus 80°C.


lenght: 58 cm
width: 40 cm
height: 45 cm
weight: 5 kg

Care Intructions

To remove dust and dirt from the surfaces of the product you will need to periodically clean with a damp cloth soaked in common detergent or soap and rinsed with water.
The products with a lacquered finish are more sensitive to scratches; for this reason use a polish cleaner, gently cleaning with a soft tissue.

Avoid the use of heavy chemicals. Avoid the use of ethanol or any liquid containing, even in small amounts, acetone, trichloroethylene and ammonia (solvents in general).

Shipping information

Our products are produced on demand. The average production time is 10 business day for standard products and 20 business days for Moleskin products.

Once the products are ready, they are shipped either with standard boxes or on single or double pallet depending on the size.

Standard delivery time: 4-5 days depending on your location.

With this approach Serralunga follows a sustainable approach on production and stock management.


Brian Steendyk

Blurring the line between art and product, Brian Steendyk’s bold and energetic work creatively conveys an emotive sculptural allure, exploring line, colour and form.
The Steendyk studio is engaged in ‘convergent design’ where a perceptive, interdisciplinary approach is applied to resolve project complexities.

The award winning architectural and product designs possess a free-spirited Australian larrikinism that provides robust product solutions for design focused clientele.
“Our design practice is passionate about the creation of designs that are sustainable environmentally, functionally, and aesthetically. An emotive sculptural quality that possesses an underlying logic is imbued in each design resulting in pertinent objects that combine elegance with panache.”